• LB-8D

Mobile phone signal booster

Place of Origin: Guangdong,China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Lanbowan

Model Number: LB-8D

Frequency: 890-960MHz/Band 8

Color: White

Gain: 55+/-5dB

Type: Booster

Certificate: RoHs

Coverage area: 2000sq.ft

Size: 155*90*20mm

Weight: 600g

Product introduction

With the rapid development of the mobile communication, network coverage is constantly expanding. However, varieties of buildings and traffic roads are continuously extending, which leads to weak or no signal coverage at certain indoor areas, affecting the communication quality.

In view of these problems, our company researches and develops this Micro-signal repeater (also known as : cell phone signal repeater). It belongs to co-frequency amplification equipment, which can enhance the signal in the process of wireless transmission. It's  function is as an RF power amplifier to increase the quality of the communication.

This product helps the indoor users to receive the signal from the outdoor mobile base station through downlink amplification, which makes the weak signal area in the coverage of base station; then the mobile signal will be transported to the base station through uplink amplification, which actualizes video communication. The basic working environment of this cell phone signal repeater is to be put with the outdoor antenna around the normal signal source.

Installation Steps

1. Install the outdoor active antenna and ensure that the position can receive a better signal.

2. Use the outdoor active antenna to connect the indoor host computer through coaxial line.

3. Adjust the indoor host 's position and ensure that the distance between the indoor host and the outdoor antenna is more than 5m.

4. Connect the power adapter to the 220V mains , then connect it to the indoor host computer through USB cable.

5. Reboot the telephone to check whether the signal situation becomes good or not. If not, please adjust the position of the outdoor antenna.

6. Try to make call to see whether the communication signal by phone is clear and fluent or not. Adjust the indoor and outdoor antenna position depending on the circumstances.


1. Please read the installation instructions and precautions before installation. Misuse can result in equipment damage.

2. All device interfaces are charged. Don't touch water!

3. Outdoor active antenna is our special product. Never attempt to add another antenna.

4. Reconstruction or connection to other brands of the power adapter without permission is prohibited !

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